BIG INK at WhitPrint

Whiteaker Printmakers will be hosting BIG INK in two one-day large woodcut printing sessions Saturday and Sunday June 14-15. Selected artists will bring woodcuts of at least 2' by 3' in dimension to the studio for printing on the Ray Trayle press. Watch for the event on our Facebook page -- we'll be reporting live from the studio!

BIG INK’s mission is to help artists produce large scale woodcuts by providing the necessary materials and advice. The project was initiated in 2012 by Lyell Castonguay and Carand Burnet. After five years of testing large relief printing techniques, the couple decided to share their acquired knowledge. During that time, artists would inquire about the process but were reluctant to try it on his or her own. Having experience in organizing local art events, Castonguay and Burnet called other creative individuals to action. The idea was to invite artists to meet at one place, discuss materials and technique, and collaboratively print each others woodblocks. The concept was such a success that BIG INK soon took shape.  Past venues include: Pickwick Independent Press, AS220 Printshop, Zea Mays Printmaking, and the Center for Contemporary Printmaking