Studio Equipment

In the main studio

  • Ray Trayle etching press, 48"x96"

  • 2 Ettan MS-3 etching presses, 24"x48"

  • Holbein etching press 12"x24"

  • Challenge-Gordon letterpress, 8"x12"

  • Challenge-Gordon letterpress, 10"x15"

  • Nipping press

  • Rosin box

  • Vertical etching tanks for ferric chloride

  • Paper guillotine

  • Drying racks

  • Flat files

  • Light tables

  • Drymount presses

  • Soaking tubs

In the upstairs annex

  • Screenprinting workspace with large work table

  • Screen washout booth w/ pressure washer

  • UV Exposure unit fits screens up to 24"x36"

  • Hinged platens

  • Drying rack

  • Flat file

  • Open drawing & painting area with various tables, easels, chairs, horses, etc.

  • Model stand with direct lighting


Plus a plethora of supplies and tools like inks, grounds, non-volatile solvents and extenders, emulsions, paints, brayers, squeegees, letterpress type, chases, and furniture, cutting mats, plates, screens, blankets, tarlatans, newsprint, paper towels, hot plates, blow dryers, paper cutters, straitedges, rulers, tape, scissors, and more!

Please contact us if you have something you'd like to donate or loan to the studio.