Fine Arts Brigade

Fine Arts Brigade is a non-profit organization promoting the practice of fine art through art studio access, art exhibitions, art education, and related endeavors. FAB's flagship project is Whiteaker Printmakers, a member-supported community printmaking studio in Eugene, Oregon.


We formed Whiteaker Printmakers in 2014 as a "for profit" business, not because we ever thought it would make a profit, but because we had found a great space and wanted to act fast. Negotiating leases and contracting with service providers demanded a financial commitment that an unfunded and untried non-profit organizational structure simply could not meet. So, we jumped at our chance and started WhitPrint as a small business.

We were extremely lucky to have the financial and emotional support of family, friends, and the Eugene arts community. By the time Whiteaker Printmakers had stabilized and become a recognized community resource, we were ready to build a non-profit arts organization around it. In 2017 we created Fine Arts Brigade as a new entity whose horizon could expand beyond printmaking. Whiteaker Printmakers was dissolved as a business and its name reclaimed as a DBA of Fine Arts Brigade.


No one ever walks away from a community arts business meeting saying, "We're going to make a fortune on this!" As successful as an arts organization may be, it won't break even selling services and products.  The free market is especially brutal to fine arts at the community level; the success of a community arts organization simply cannot be measured by profit. In fact, as a community arts organization grows and succeeds, the gap between its income and its expenses typically widens.  The mission of Fine Arts Brigade is to fill that gap.  

FAB is currently filling the gap at Whiteaker Printmakers.  Money donated to FAB makes up WhitPrint studio operating expense losses (including annex rent, providing studio space for volunteer-run Sunday evening life drawing).  FAB donations also support membership grants and workshop scholarships at WhitPrint.  We encourage you to read more about our WhitPrint vision.

Board of Directors

FAB's small and nimble board of directors consists of:

  • Heather Halpern, President and Executive Director
    Heather is a practicing Eugene artist who fell in love with printmaking through classes at LCC. Her inspiration led to the inception of Whiteaker Printmakers as a place where she and fellow artists could have access to the equipment and tools that support a wide range of printmaking techniques. She now runs the WhitPrint studio and organizes its workshops and other events.
  • Paul Halpern, Treasurer
    Paul is the back office behind FAB and WhitPrint. He is also WhitPrint's handyman and carpenter. And, as if that weren't enough, he works full time as an electronic hardware designer.
  • Laura Wingerd, Secretary
    Laura is a retiree from a career in computer software. She has always considered herself an artist, and is happy to finally have the time to resume painting and drawing. She keeps her hand in high tech by managing the website.

Advisory Board

FAB is seeking inspired and creative individuals to join its Advisory Board. If you're a mover and shaker in the art scene, and/or in the fundraising scene, and if you have a couple of hours a month to share your expertise with us, we'd like to have you on board. (So to speak.)


As a 501(c)(3) organization, FAB can accept tax-deductible donations from individuals, and grants from charitable giving funds. Our IRS EIN is 82-1687062.


Your donation goes directly toward the operation of Whiteaker Printmakers, and/or to the FAB program of your choice.