Materials List

Workshop: Limited-palette Figure Painting
Instructor: Sarah Sedwick

Bring your usual painting kit, making sure to include these items:

Palette - disposable paper palettes are great, the larger the better! Size must be at least 12x16. White or gray are fine, but I prefer white.

Palette knife – not a teeny tiny one. You should be able to scoop up a pile of paint with it.

Rags or paper towels

Solvent - odorless mineral spirits (I use Gamsol) or Turpenoid

Jars - two small glass jars with tight fitting lids

Paint - I use M. Graham and Gamblin. These are the Zorn palette colors you must have:

  • Titanium white
  • Cadmium red
  • Yellow ochre
  • Ivory black

Brushes - I use both synthetic, nylon bristle and natural hog bristle brushes, but it's up to your preference. I recommend a range of sizes from #2 on up - (rounds & filberts).

Canvas or other painting surface:

  • bring a few inexpensive canvas panels or a pad of canvas paper for short exercises
  • bring two surfaces for longer duration paintings - 9x12” or larger.