Materials List

Workshop: Portrait Painting with the Zorn Palette
Instructor: Sarah Sedwick
Location: Whiteaker Printmakers upstairs annex studio

This list is for oil painters. Acrylic painters should bring equivalent materials for their medium.

Palette - a 12x16 minimum size disposable paper palette pad. Get white, not gray.

Palette knife – not a teeny one. You want to be able to scoop up a pile of paint with it.

Rags or paper towels (I like blue shop towels, available at hardware stores)

Solvent: Gamsol, plus 2 glass jars with tight-fitting lids. Or bring your preferred containers.

Paint - I use M. Graham brand. Please include the following colors:

• Titanium white
• Ivory Black
• Cadmium Red
• Yellow Ochre

Brushes - I use Princeton Summit Series (synthetic, white bristles) and Rosemary Ultimate bristle brushes, but bring whatever you’re comfortable with. A good starter kit (in the Princeton) is a #2 round, a #4 flat, and a #6 flat or filbert.

Several canvas panels, a pad of canvas paper, or any inexpensive painting surface for short exercises

Two canvases or canvas panels, 9x12 or larger, for longer duration paintings

A standing travel easel. A french easel, tripod-based plein air setup, or similar. Some easels will be available at the WhitPrint studio but bring your own if you are comfortable with it.

A TV table or side table for your palette. Some tables and stands will be available at the studio but bring your own if you are comfortable with it.