Online Resources for Members

Make payments online

You can pay your monthly dues and your initial security deposit online by credit card.

(Mobile device users: Please be sure to look for visual confirmation that your payment succeeded. Some members have told us that payment error messages are hard to see on small screens.)

Group mailing list

Email to goes to all studio members as a group. Only WhitPrint members can post to the party line* group, and all WhitPrint members are subscribed to it. You don't need a Google account to post or receive party line emails.

Group email archive

The website that contains the archive of all group emails, and that lets you configure your settings, is  You do need a Google account to access the Google Groups website. (But you don't need a Gmail account -- just create a Google account using your regular email address as its ID.)

*A party line, for those of you born after 1960, was a phone line shared by multiple households. You'd pick up the phone and instead of a dial tone you'd hear someone -- your next door neighbor, perhaps -- ordering a roast from the butcher. (Really, this happened.)