Full Color Linocut Printmaking - Jan 26-27 2019

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Full Color Linocut Printmaking - Jan 26-27 2019


Two-day workshop with Diane Sandall
Saturday and Sunday, January 26-27, 2019
10:00 am - 5:00 pm
$150 plus $40 materials
(WhitPrint members: $135 plus $40 materials)

About The Workshop

Linocut relief printmaking is tremendously rewarding because it is such a flexible, accessible form of printmaking. While it can be accomplished using simple materials and tools in the most basic studio setting, it nevertheless allows an infinite range of expression from exquisitely detailed rendering to bold expressionist mark-making. This two-day workshop will lead students through the complete process of designing, transferring, carving, registering, and printing full-color, multi-block linoleum prints.

We will be examining several different techniques for lending color to linoleum prints, ultimately focusing on creating prints using a multiple block approach. We will begin with a brief summary of linocut technique and materials, as well as taking a look at the works of various relief printmakers to study the range of techniques available and the different effects these can achieve. Students will then have time to refine their designs, and will be guided through the process of choosing the colors they will be using and shown how to arrange them onto multiple linoleum blocks. We will examine how to manipulate color using carving, ink application, and printing techniques. The ultimate goal is for students to become comfortable with the principles of multi-block printing, to see the range of color possibilities available, and to begin to find their own favorite approach.

Students should bring their own set of small-scale wood or lino carving tools or purchase a basic $20 set from the studio on the first day of the workshop.

About The Instructor

Diane Sandall,  local printmaker and long-time Eugene resident, has become proficient in many forms of making art, from woodcarving, ceramics, and blacksmithing to drawing and printmaking. She originally moved to Eugene to continue pursuing her BFA at the University of Oregon, concentrating on ceramics. After many years of producing ceramic dinnerware and sculpture she felt a need to change how she worked and subsequently reinvigorated an early love of relief printmaking. She is completely comfortable in declaring it is the best artistic decision she ever made and happily continues to produce original limited editions of her woodcuts and linocuts. Her work can be found at www.dianesandall.com.

Reserving Your Spot

Register and pay in full to reserve your spot in the workshop. To cancel a workshop enrollment, please email studio@whitprint.com. You'll get a full refund if your request is received at least 10 days before the start of the workshop, or a 50% refund if it is received at least 3 days before the start.

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