Linocut Printing on a Letterpress - 7 Jan 2017

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Linocut Printing on a Letterpress - 7 Jan 2017


One-day workshop with Kristin Walker
January 7th, 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM
Tuition $90
Materials $25

In this workshop students will learn to carve their own mounted linoleum blocks and print them on an old-fashioned letterpress.  Linocut basics will be covered including image transfer, carving, cleaning, and preserving your block.  Students will carve 1-2 blocks and print in up to two colors on the letterpresses at Whitprint.  Students will learn about registration, impression, general letterpress operation, color mixing, feeding, cleaning, safety, and basic maintenance of a letterpress while printing a small edition of their own images.

All materials are provided, including paper, inks, and two small linoleum blocks per student.  Participants should come with one or two images in mind, sized for a 3 x 4 inch block.

Participants may bring their own linocut tools, or purchase a basic set at the workshop for $15.

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