Screen Printing 101: Paper and Fabric Prints - Aug 20 & 21 2016

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Screen Printing 101: Paper and Fabric Prints - Aug 20 & 21 2016

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Two-day workshop with Mika Aono Boyd

Saturday, Aug 20, 10:00 AM – 4:00 PM
Sunday, Aug 21, 10:00 AM – 4:00 PM

Both days: $120 tuition plus $30 materials
Either single day: $80 tuition, $20 materials
(10% discount for WhitPrint members)

About the Workshop
Screenprinting is not only a quick way to print posters and t-shirts, but is also a widely used medium in the field of fine art.  It can be used on a wide variety of substrates, and the flatness of colors appears typically very graphic. This workshop is designed for absolute beginners to intermediate screenprinters. You'll learn everything you need to know to start screenprinting.  The full workshop is two days (Saturday and Sunday), but either day may be taken individually.

The first day will give a broad overview of screen printing methods.  The hands-on work will allow each participant to create their own image and print on paper.

The second day will have a quick review of Day 1, and then work with printing on fabrics.  Please bring a few fabric items of your choice; anything with smooth texture would work, such as cotton t-shirts, canvas tote bags, tea towels, pillow cases, bed sheets or curtains. Printable area will be small due to our screen size, so we'll be creative.

Participants are asked to bring a work apron (we get inky!) and a black paint Sharpie.   Day 2 participants should also bring fabric items to print on.  All other materials and supplies are provided, and extra paper for additional prints may be purchased at the studio, if desired.  Bring only your creative ideas, and fabric items for the second day.

Lunch is not provided. You can bring your lunch and eat it in the studio's garden courtyard or pop out to one of the local eateries in the Whiteaker neighborhood. The workshop will be held in the Whiteaker Printmakers Annex, at 1320 W 2nd Ave, in the same building as the main WhitPrint studio.

Day 1: Screen Printing Basics

* Get to know your screens
* Simple masking/stencil techniques (Group project)
* How to coat screens with photo emulsion
* Ways to make images on clear acetate
* Exposing screens
* Registration and Printing
* Reclaiming screens

Day 2: Let's print on fabric of your choice

* Overview from Day 1
* Prep screens
* Creating design
* Registration and Printing
* Reclaiming screens

If we have time...
* Playing with trans medium and layering
* Adding other elements

About the Instructor
Mika Aono Boyd received her BA in Primary/Special Ed from Miyagi University of Education in Japan, a BA in Art from University of Oregon, and an MFA in Printmaking from the San Francisco Art Institute. Currently she is a studio technician at the UO Art Department where she manages the Printmaking and Fibers studios and has collaborated as a printer with Rick Bartow and Tannaz Farsi. Her own work has been shown at galleries, museums and contemporary art spaces both nationally and internationally. Mika is an enthusiastic lecturer, always eager to share her love of printmaking.


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Mika Aono Boyd teaches a two-day workshop on screen printing Aug 20 & 21 at Whiteaker Printmakers in Eugene.