Our Vision

We aim to serve the Eugene printmaker and artist community:

As a service to artists

Whiteaker Printmakers bridges the gap between artists and printmaking by offering membership access to space, equipment, and bulk supplies. It gives UO- and LCC-trained printmakers a studio in which to practice their art after they leave school. It gives professional artists a studio in which to produce editions for sale in galleries, stores, or commissions. It gives occasional printmakers access to equipment they wouldn’t want to acquire on their own.

As a benefit to members

The income from WhitPrint membership dues supports the operating expenses of the studio. Income that exceeds expenses goes to improving facilities and/or lowering membership rates. WhitPrint members are always welcome to review the studio’s operating income and expense records. WhitPrint works with nonprofits to subsidize studio memberships for low-income artists, and ferrets out loaned equipment to keep capital expenses and membership dues to a minimum.

As a resource for nonprofits

WhitPrint studio facilities are available at no or low cost to arts educators and nonprofit organizations for workshops, mentorships, and fundraising events. WhitPrint promotes local arts nonprofits on its website and in the studio, and encourages donations to nonprofits that share their mission.

As a studio community

WhitPrint members work together as a team, caring for the studio and its contents, and assuring that space is accessible, equipment is undamaged, and communal supplies aren't wasted. As membership grows,  WhitPrint will provide an equipment scheduling calendar and a discussion group for members to communicate with one another online. WhitPrint promotes green materials and techniques and will not allow toxic substances in the studio. The studio hosts membership meetings and social events, and will participate in Last Friday Art Walk to exhibit works by member artists.

By running the business

As Whiteaker Printmakers LLC, we’re doing the legwork and the paperwork to make a print studio possible. We have leased a space, registered a business entity, and opened a bank account.  We’re paying the rent, the utility bills, and the insurance. We keep the books and file the tax returns. By enrolling enough members for the studio to pay for itself, WhitPrint will make it possible for Eugene printmakers to focus on making art.  

(That being said, we welcome any and all contributions of help, equipment, supplies, advice, and chocolate.)

The Halperns
August 2016